Can I come on a trial basis to see if I like The Chestnuts?
Yes, we advise everyone to come and stay with us on a trial basis for a month. This enables you to decide if The Chestnutsis the right place for you and that  we fulfil your needs.

Am  I able to have visitors whenever I like?
Yes, visitors are welcome any time

Can I stay in my room if I wish to?
You are free to decide how you wish to spend your time. Your room is your own private and personal space.

Do I have to eat all my meals in the Dining Room?
No, if you prefer to have your meals served in your room that is fine or if you wish to only come to the dining room for certain meals that is also fine.

Can I bring in my own furniture?
You are very welcome to bring in small items of furniture and personal belongings to make your room more homely. For safety reasons, It is necessary for items of furniture to be fire retardant

How often are the fees increased?
Our fees are generally increased annually.

Can I have a daily  newspaper or magazines delivered?  
Yes, we have newspapers and magazines delivered daily form the local newsagents.

Can I keep my own doctor?
You will have to ask your doctor if they are willing to keep you as a patient and are prepared to do home visits after you have moved. If they are not, we are able to register you with our doctors from our local surgery in Meopham. The doctor will visit on request.

Am I able to smoke at The Chestnuts? 
No, we have made the decision to make The Chestnuts a completely non-smoking home. This applies to staff and visitors as well.