Our Fees

The charges for accommodation vary according to the type of room but range from £750–900 per week. All fees include accommodation, 24–hour care, all meals, snacks, drinks and laundry.

Our fees do not cover newspapers or magazines, hairdressing, dry cleaning, treatment by Chiropodist, Dentist, Opticians or toiletries .


Fees for periods of less than a week will be calculated at a daily rate of 1/7th of the weekly fee. Each part of the day that a resident spends in the home will be calculated as a whole day.

Fees are generally reviewed annually, but we reserve the right to review our fees should a resident require additional care to that normally provided, subject to agreement.


The documents below will provide you with further information on the services that we offer here at The Chestnuts Care Home, including our Terms & Conditions.